Evolving Capabilities

Our capabilities have transformed society for more than 50 years.

Our capabilities are ever-expanding in lockstep with growing business demand, tech innovations, and the creative influence of a new generation. With these catalysts for evolution in play, our services flex to span traditional markets, such as government and education, to emerging markets, such as energy and design-build. The specific requirements of your project and industry keep our approach fresh and ensure our services are focused on meeting your needs.


  • Commercial offices, mixed-use, and retail properties are a part of our everyday life, and because of this, it is important from conceptualization through construction, that we design with the utmost consideration for safety, longevity, and functionality. These facilities reflect our communities, and their addition into our landscape should be seamless. We work closely with all stakeholders – architects, designers, contractors, end-users, and local officials – to coordinate and see the project through completion.

    Our experience includes:
    Office Buildings
    Mixed-use Facilities
    Shopping Centers/Malls
    Data Centers

    Jonathan Savage
    Vice President

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  • Educational facilities are the pillars that support our communities and surroundings. Teachers, staff, students, and parents are all motivated by the opportunities provided by attending a strong academic institution. Investment towards these learning facilities is a long-term commitment to our neighborhoods, our children, and our future. Pennoni works with education staff and community stakeholders, as well as architects, planners, and designers, to see that this investment is secure and that these academic institutions are equipped to provide the best opportunities for its staff and students in a safe environment.

    Our experience includes:
    Daycare Centers
    K-8 Schools
    Secondary Education
    Higher Education

    Todd N. Stager, PE
    Associate Vice President

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  • Pennoni is deeply committed to offering a broad range of services across the energy market. Our firm provides permitting, design, feasibility, grant, audit, and owners rep services for many types of energy projects for both public utilities as well as commercial and industrial clients. The energy market is diverse and constantly changing. We pride ourselves in being an industry leader in technology development and implementation. Pennoni works both behind and in-front of the meter to offer our clients energy savings, resiliency, redundancy, and improved efficiencies for their facilities.

    Our Experience Includes:
    Energy Efficiency (GHG Emissions, Lighting, Energy Audits)
    Energy Management (CUP Optimization, Continuous Commissioning)
    Microgrids and Battery Storage
    Distributed Generation [Solar, CHP, Fuel Cells, Wind]
    Alternative Fuels (EV Vehicles, Fleet Conversions)

    Michael Cromer, PG, DBIA, ENV SP
    Vice President, Energy and Sustainability 

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  • Decreases in funding and a growing need for improvements have led federal, state, and local government agencies to look for solutions that allow them to do more projects with decreasing budgets. From strict regulations to aging infrastructure, the maintenance of our existing facilities has become a challenging balancing act. As a partner to the community, our staff works directly with government and public agencies to maximize funding and to create projects with longevity. Our roles include county and municipal engineer, community advocate, court-appointed witness, and more. We are committed to improving the quality of life through quality engineering and cost-effective solutions.

    Our Experience Includes:
    Federal Government
    State, County, & Local Government
    Professional Appointments

    David Pennoni, PE
    Regional Vice President

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  • The healthcare and life sciences industries continue to expand to meet the wellness needs of society. Healthcare centers need to be well-equipped and functional for patients and staff, while life sciences facilities need to promote innovative and adaptive research. Completed projects within these realms must invoke an inviting and welcoming atmosphere, provide safe and sterile conditions, and be flexible. Using a top-to-bottom approach, Pennoni works with healthcare and life sciences clients to identify their challenges and determine cost-effective solutions using our breadth of services and technologies.

    Our Experience Includes:
    Medical Offices
    Research & Development Facilities
    Life Sciences
    Manufacturing Facilities

    Jonathan Savage
    Vice President

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  • Efficiency is key in the design and development of industrial facilities. Each industry sector, however, has its own unique requirements for design, engineering, and infrastructure. We work to balance the needs of the client with the regulations for each industry to create a comprehensive building solution from initial site planning to construction oversight. Our professionals have worked to develop sites for numerous industry sectors, including food and produce, oil and natural gas, commercial, mining, and pharmaceutical. We tailor each industrial site to maximize efficiency for the client’s needs.

    Our Experience Includes:
    Industrial Facilities
    Solid & Hazardous Waste
    Manufacturing Plants
    Distribution Facilities
    Process Water Systems
    Industrial Wastewater Facilities

    Alan Lloyd, CIH, CSP, ENV SP
    Vice President, EHS Practice Leader

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  • Civil infrastructure is the backbone of any community. From waterlines and sewers to roadways and bridges, these physical elements provide the foundation for our society. Each piece must be properly designed, maintained, and preserved. Although each project serves an individual purpose, Pennoni engineers recognize the importance of building efficient infrastructure systems that can work together. Using smart design, the latest technologies, and sound site research, civil infrastructure projects with Pennoni are thoughtfully designed and carefully constructed to improve the quality of life of the surrounding communities.

    Our Experience Includes:
    Roads & Bridges
    Ports/Marine Facilities
    Parking Garages
    Stormwater Infrastructure
    Green Stormwater Infrastructure

    John Zarsky, PE
    Regional Vice President

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  • When working internationally, Pennoni, as a multidiscipline firm, is able to provide clients with high-quality engineering and design solutions that are specifically tailored to the business nuances of individual countries and clients. Through effective project management and the development of strategic partnerships with global and local companies, our approach is comprehensive. From infrastructure design to energy solutions, our firm can develop a plan that best benefits the client and the community.

    Jonathan Savage
    Vice President

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  • A vital key to the prosperity and growth of any locale is its accessibility to leisure and entertainment venues. These locations are the cross-sections of city residents, tourists, and visitors of all backgrounds. While they can include large stadiums, concert halls, and casinos, these sites can also include public spaces, such as community parks, athletic fields, public greens, and town squares. While working on such projects, Pennoni aims to foster social interaction through sustainable, creative, and practical design, working with community stakeholders and the client to deliver a successful social space.

    Our Experience Includes:
    Sports Fields
    Parks & Recreation Facilities
    Public Spaces
    Religious Facilities
    Trailways & Greenways

    Mark T. Celoni, PE
    Vice President, Office Director

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  • The design and construction of residential dwellings are key to creating strong feelings of comfort, safety, and community. When developing residential facilities – whether they be multi-family, single-family, senior/assisted living, or private communities –Pennoni staff works to create communities that provide a sanctuary away from work, school, and other busy aspects of life. Our services are applied and tailored to each individual project to create safe, sustainable neighborhoods.

    Our Experience Includes:
    Neighborhoods & Developments
    Single-family Homes
    Workforce Housing
    Modular Housing
    Senior/Assisted Living

    Joseph Viscuso, PE, PLS
    Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Growth

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  • From feasibility studies and environmental investigations to infrastructure design and permitting, civil/site design encompasses the aspects of land development necessary to take any project from conception through construction and end-use. Our planners, landscape architects, civil engineers, and design technicians work across disciplines to provide clients with a user-friendly, multidisciplinary partner, capable of completing complex projects “in-house”.

    Services Include:
    Site Planning
    Land Development
    Local, State, & Federal Agency Permitting & Entitlement
    Infrastructure Design
    Site Utilities, Water Lines, & Sewers
    Boundary & Topographic Surveys
    Erosion Control, Drainage Design, & Stormwater Management
    Master Planning
    Site Feasibility Studies
    Site Layout, Grading, & Detail Design
    Brownfield Redevelopment
    Hydrology & Hydraulic

    Mark T. Celoni, PE
    Vice President, Office Director

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  • The quality, durability, and safety of our infrastructure are ensured by proficient construction engineering services and sound quality assurance practices. Our construction engineering team consists of professional engineers, construction managers, scientists, inspectors, and certified technicians with the support of our AASHTO-accredited laboratory testing facilities. Pennoni’s Quality Management program includes IAS accreditation to ISO/IEC standard 17020:2012 and AASHTO per ASTM E329. Our team meets the ever-increasing demand of quality and schedule adherence in the construction and engineering industries.


    Services Include:
    Construction Management
    Construction Engineering Inspection
    Special Inspections
    Construction Materials Engineering & Testing
    Fabrication Inspection
    Nondestructive Testing
    Coatings Inspection

    Andrew J. Pennoni, PE
    Regional Vice President

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  • Pennoni’s Quality Management program includes IAS accreditation to ISO/IEC standard 17020:2012 and AASHTO per ASTM E329.

    Our Construction Materials Engineering and Testing group, together with our other disciplines, form a team of experts who can successfully provide inspection, materials consulting, and testing services for buildings, bridges, highways, and airports.

    Fabrication Inspection:
    Our worldwide Structural Materials Inspection team includes renowned experts in the field and keeps up-to-date on the latest standards, codes, specifications, and techniques through continuous involvement in professional societies, training, and active participation in certification programs.

    Subservices Include:
    Structural Steel
    Precast/Prestressed Concrete
    Highway Materials

    Charles DiCello, PE
    Division Manager

    Special Inspections:
    Our team of engineering experts in the field of construction materials testing, construction inspection, geotechnical engineering, and structural engineering are supported by a broad depth and breadth of qualified engineering technicians and inspectors that possess the requisite industry credentials, including ICC, AWS, PCI, ACI, NJDCA, NICET, ASNT, engineering registration and more.

    Michel Hatem, PE
    Division Manager

    Laboratory Testing:
    Pennoni’s accredited testing laboratories are dedicated to the research, analysis, and testing of construction materials for more than 1,000 public and private clients from around the world, providing construction materials testing per ASTM, AWWA, and AASHO standards. Pennoni’s laboratories are accredited by AASHTO and perform more than 150 tests in the categories of aggregate, asphalt, cement, concrete, filter media, freeze/thaw testing, high performance concrete, masonry products (CMU, brick, grout, mortar, pavers), pozzolans, soil, and specialized testing. In addition, our laboratory is on the list of commercial laboratories qualified to conduct materials testing for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for tests certified by AASHTO.


    Michael Padula, PE
    Laboratory Director

    Sample Submission Form

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  • When working on environmental, health, and safety projects, our staff aims to aid our clients in protecting their community, their businesses, and their natural climate from such adverse products as pollution, mold, and other hazardous materials. Our environmental, health, and safety staff is qualified and experienced in providing hazardous materials surveys; asbestos, lead-based paint, mold, and PCB assessments and management; indoor air quality studies; and health and safety planning. We partner with regulatory and environmental protection agencies to understand the best practices for solid and hazardous water management, endangered species, wetland delineations, landfills, and more. The result of a successful environmental, health, and safety project shows a commitment and dedication to the environment and the people who live in it.

    Services Include:
    Due Diligence and Site Remediation
    Ecological and Permitting
    Environmental Engineering
    Industrial Hygiene
    Occupational Health and Safety
    Process Safety
    Public Health and Preparedness

    Alan Lloyd, CIH, CSP, ENV SP
    Vice President, EHS Practice Leader

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  • Every structure, regardless of type, requires a stable foundation. Our professional geotechnical engineering staff use sound technical approaches while considering cost effectiveness and constructability. We plan and implement detailed subsurface explorations. These studies are comprised of test borings, test pits, geophysical surveys, laboratory testing, and thorough analyses. Based on our findings, recommendations are developed for foundation, pavement and earthwork design, embankment stability, geosynthetics applications, soil stabilization, and dewatering techniques. Other services can also be provided, such as instrumentation and monitoring studies.

    Services Include:
    Subsurface Explorations
    Test Borings, Core Penetration Tests, Pressure Meter Tests, & Test Pits
    Deep Foundation Design
    Site Work & Foundation Design
    Geophysical Surveys (Resistivity, Conductivity, Seismic, Ground Penetrating Radar)
    Forensic Studies
    Infiltration Testing
    Pavement Design
    Retaining Structure Design
    Karst Geology/Sinkhole Evaluation & Stabilization
    Seepage Analysis & Embankment Stability
    Geotechnical Instrumentation
    Expert Testimony
    Geotechnical Field Monitoring & Consultation

    Rick Brinker, PE
    Associate Vice President and Division Manager

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  • Pennoni’s Grant Services group connects clients to funders that share their passion for local projects that solve civic and social problems. Professionally written grant applications can bring dollars into your community for infrastructure projects that address climate change; improve access to work, healthcare, and food; encourage exercise and play; and create a safer built environment. Our expertise in federal funding will tap the appropriate sources available through the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), and identify other federal, state, local and non-traditional grants.

    Services Include:
    Parks & Recreation
    Energy efficiency

    Elaine Finn, GPC
    Grant Writer/Funding Solutions Manager

  • Our MEP division is comprised of experienced mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers and designers dedicated to providing clients with efficient, sustainable, and functional utility systems for their facilities. Our design approach often begins with studies that identify the optimal systems that best address the client’s goals, budget, and schedule. The design process involves the development of practical and constructible plans and specifications. Our professionals are capable of performing risk analyses, building assessments, feasibility studies, and design for fire and life protection systems. Our services can be applied to a number of markets and building types, while meeting specific regulations and compliances.

    Services Include:
    Fire Protection & Suppression
    Life Safety & Protection
    Building System Assessments
    Testing & Balancing

    Robert Gould, PE
    Division Manager

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  • Our planning and urban design team creates strong, vibrant, and unique places for public and private entities. We work with communities to develop the “big picture” ideas that can strengthen and transform a community, create the on-the-ground tools clients need to make their vision a reality, guide clients through the regulatory approvals process; and work closely with developers to ensure market success when projects are completed. Our solutions integrate new elements seamlessly with their surrounding environment. Providing a balance of aesthetics, function, and sustainability in the project design and development, we can skillfully translate raw ideas into successful projects uniquely tailored for each site.

    Services Include:
    Land Use Planning
    Master Planning
    Site Planning
    Comprehensive Planning
    Zoning & Form-based codes
    Landscape Architecture
    Community Engagement & Visioning
    Traditional Neighborhood Design
    Transit Oriented Development
    Trails, Greenways, & Open Space
    Data Visualization

    Matt Wanamaker, AICP
    Senior Planner

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  • Our structural engineering staff thrive on design and technical challenges involved in creating durable structures that meet the challenges of creative architecture. Our staff work with architects, owners, and builders on a wide range of building types, and possess a thorough knowledge of materials, including steel, concrete, masonry, and timber. Our understanding of structure allows us to develop cost effective and long-lasting solutions. Our reputation is a result of our performance on technically demanding and often high profile projects.

    Services Include:
    Renovation & Adaptive Re-Use
    Façade Condition Assessments
    Roof Condition Assessments
    Structural Condition Assessments
    Diagnostic Methods & Repair/Rehabilitation Design
    Tilt-Up Concrete Design
    Industrial Rope Access
    Concrete Repair & Restoration
    Water Infiltration Testing
    Parking Structure Assessments & Repair/Rehabilitation Design
    Real Estate Pre-Purchase Due Diligence
    Building Structure Design
    Expert Testimony
    Lateral Seismic & Wind Analysis/Design
    Special Inspections
    Forensic Engineering
    Systems Studies
    Specialty Structural Engineering: glued laminated timber (glulam), precast concrete, steel

    Richard D. Roberts, PE, SECB
    Vice President, Chief Structural Engineer

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  • Surveying is one of the first steps in the land development/civil engineering process where physical and legal boundary issues are addressed. Accurate maps and measurements are essential during the design and planning phase and they provide clients with a real sense of space and boundaries. Our professionals work to stay ahead of growing survey and geospatial technologies and data techniques, such as global navigation satellite systems (GNSS; commonly referred to as GPS), geographic information systems (GIS) mapping, high-definition laser scanning (HDLS), and drone technology, to provide our clients with precise information. Our survey services can be applied to a wide range of markets and land development projects.

    Services Include:
    Boundary, Topographic, & Utility Surveys
    Construction Stake-Out
    GNSS/GPS & Control Surveys
    Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    High-Definition Laser Scanning (HDLS)
    Hydrographic Surveying
    American Land Title Association (ALTA) Surveys
    Subdivision & Lot Consolidation
    Route & Right-of-Way Surveys
    Volumetric Surveys
    FEMA Elevation Certificates

    DC, WV, VA, NC
    Roger Harris, LS, PS
    Associate Vice President, Director of Survey

    NJ, PA
    Keith M. Ludwig, PLS
    Survey Division Manager

    DE, MD
    John W. Haupt, PLS
    Associate Vice President, Regional Survey Discipline Leader

    Robert DuBois
    Office Director, Principal Surveyor

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  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can be utilized in many diverse engineering related practices. At Pennoni, our GIS team has worked to create a diverse skillset in many unique categories. Our GIS analysts are skilled in hydrology and hydrography analyses, land use assessments and surveys, remote sensing, data analysis and visualization, as well as other GIS driven processes. Utilizing both ESRI and open source analysis tools, the diverse and knowledgeable GIS team at Pennoni can work with any project in any market.

    Our comprehensive GIS solutions allow asset owners to benefit from:

    • Virtual scenario planning exercises and option analysis to determine the best course of action for asset maintenance, optimization and financial performance
    • Establish and maintain a living model of critical infrastructure that may one day need to be repaired or rebuilt
    • Leverage analytic tools to monitor changes in asset condition and proactively address critical maintenance issues

    Markus Weidner
    Chief Innovation Officer

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  • Safe and efficient transportation systems are critical components to our communities nationwide. Consisting of roads, highways, bridges, railroads, and more, transportation infrastructure provides the structure of how we move in our neighborhoods, throughout regions, and around the world. Combining expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we provide transportation infrastructure systems that allow clients and the community to reach new destinations safely. Our transportation designs are functional and meet the needs of the client and the community.

    Services Include:
    Bridge Design
    Bridge Inspection
    Highway Design
    Instrumentation, Monitoring, Evaluation, & Asset Management
    Railroad Engineering
    Underwater Inspection
    Transportation Planning
    Traffic Engineering & Operations
    Research & Technology Transfer
    Safety Studies & Improvements

    John Zarsky, PE
    Regional Vice President, Transportation Technology Principal

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  • Water is one of our most valuable resources. Across the country, our water resources are under mounting pressure from our growing population, development, and uncertainty of climate change. As the management and protection of water resources has become increasingly important, local and state regulatory agencies have been aggressively modifying their regulations as they apply to water resource management. Our team of engineers, scientists, hydrogeologists, and support personnel provide clients with the expertise needed to meet complex water resource planning, design, and permitting needs. Using innovative and sustainable infrastructure design, our staff works to stay ahead of changing regulations and to develop effective water resource solutions.

    Services Include:
    Stormwater Management & Best Practices
    Erosion and Sediment Control
    Watershed Protection Planning
    Stream and Wetland Mitigation
    Reservoir/Lake Water Quality Management
    River/Stream Analysis
    Dams & Levees
    Coastal Management & Flood Resiliency
    Green Stormwater Infrastructure
    Pump Stations
    Stormwater Outfalls
    Hydrologic Modeling
    Combined Sewer Separation
    Urban Drainage Design
    Floodplain Analysis

    Thomas Frederick, PE
    Associate Vice President, Director Water/Wastewater Practice

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  • The public demand for a clean, safe, and dependable water supply; for environmentally effective, sustainable, and cost-effective treatment of wastewater; and for effective and accountable water utility management has generated a need for safe and innovative engineering for water/wastewater solutions. Our engineers and specialists are experienced in the planning, design, and permitting of water and wastewater systems that reliably meet regulatory requirements and client needs. From storage, distribution, and transmission, to pump stations and treatment facilities, to asset management, rate studies, identifying financial assistance and other management support, our projects aim to use and reuse water with efficiency and social and environmental sustainability in mind.

    Services Include:
    Hydrogeology & Groundwater Remediation and Supply
    Master Planning, Capacity Evaluations and Feasibility Studies
    Water Supply & Treatment
    Distribution Systems
    Storage Tanks
    Wastewater Collection
    Domestic and Industrial Wastewater Treatment
    Pump Stations & Booster Stations
    Inflow & Infiltration Surveys and Pipe Rehabilitation
    Combined Sewer Separation Water Reuse
    Rate Studies, Fee Determinations & Appraisals
    Asset Management and Geographic Information Systems
    Energy Purchase and Use Efficiency and Waste to Renewable Energy
    Risk Assessment and Emergency Planning
    Operation Evaluations
    Regulatory Reporting and Negotiations
    Alternative Project Delivery Methods

    Thomas Frederick, PE
    Associate Vice President, Director Water/Wastewater Practice

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